• My second novel, HOT WIRE, is now available in Kindle format from Amazon and Blasted Heath.

    A head-on collision of noir crime and political conspiracy thriller, Hot Wire is an excursion into the paranoid territory of the New World Order where conspiracy theory meets chaos theory with explosive results.This is adrenaline entertainment for the 21st Century.

    "Hot Wire is a hip, funny, serious and suspenseful novel that brings the great tradition of grifter noir into the present day with the excitement and urgency of the activity its title refers to. Emma Martin is the coolest protagonist crime fiction has produced in a long time."

    – Barry Graham, author of When It All Comes Down To Dust

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March 31, 2014

Phase Four Now Available

  • My apocalyptic technothriller, Phase Four, is now available from Amazon and UK digital publisher Blasted Heath. The novel can be downloaded in a variety of ebook formats, including Kindle format from Amazon. My Spinetingler Magazine article on Phase Four can be read here.

    Liam at Troubled Scribe has a great review of the novel here.

    Phase Four is now available as a paperback from Amazon.

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