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August 10, 2011


Gary Carson

Heinrich Kusch is apparently a real archaeologist who teaches at the University of Graz (in Austria, I think). I couldn't verify that on the University web site, however, assuming I had the right site. He and his wife are speleologists. They have a web site at At least I think it's them. I found one book by them on Amazon, but like their web site, it's in German. If you come up with any hard evidence that the book cited in the Mail Online story doesn't exist or the story is some kind of fraud, please let me know.

John Yeoman

Has it not occurred to anyone that this book is a hoax? The only references to it on Google quote the original press release. Does the book exist? Has anyone read it? Has it been peer-reviewed?

BTW: August is the press 'silly season'. But I commend the hoaxer. His name is certainly not Kusch (German for a variant of 'cuddle'.).

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